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  1. One thing I will add is that Falkens have a history of being hard to balance, something you seem to deal with when it comes to cheaper tires. Mine were real bad on the highway until they wore in a little, it's still not awesome but much much better. They're both louder tires but I can't hear them with the radio on, these trucks do a real good job sealing out noise.
  2. I got the 265/70r18 because I wanted a narrower tire for the winter with some more height than stock. So far so good and they really fit the truck well. It is a bit of an obscure size but I've found that it's cheaper than stock in most cases.
  3. Putco tail gate light bar

    I thought the OPT7 was pricey but this is on another level. I like $50 mods and diys haha
  4. I got my solid fold 2.0 with my truck but I gotta say I really like it. The only time I've ever gotten water in my bed is when someone else reinstalled it after borrowing my truck. It definitely isn't as sleek as some of these options but I stand on it all the time and at 215 it doesn't give at all. It's super easy to clean my roof, my only complaint is that it's pretty heavy to take off and put on for one person but not impossible.
  5. CR Laurence are highly regarded on the sprinter and other camper van forums. I think if it were me, having considered this exact option in the past, I would go to a glass guy and talk about my options.
  6. Did you ever think he meant the sliding rear window is the only other option he would have wanted that his truck didn't come with? Obviously not...
  7. Driving my favorite mod is the tuner, aesthetically my favorite mod is the hard tonneau. Everything else is just personalizing the truck to me.
  8. Well my suspicions were probably correct, nobody has experience with the Dee Zees
  9. I'm thinking about adding running boards to my truck and these two caught my eye as they're in the $300 range. My father had the Dee Zees on his 03 2500 but I've yet to see anyone on here with them on a 2014+. I like them because they have a mudflap built in, they're aluminum, and they seal against the body to stop stuff from blasting the side of the truck. I remember them having an old man look but it appears from the single picture I found that they tuck more on this model than my father's. The Westins have a rugged look, they tuck into the body with a drop step, and they have the advantage of having actual reviews. I'm looking for some real world experience, I didn't think I'd miss side steps but every time I get into a truck with them I'm reminded how useful they are.
  10. EcoTec3 4.3 V6 Towing

    My friend has a 4.3L 2wd Silverado that he tows his race car in an enclosed trailer with. He scaled it once and it was roughly 7,600lbs fully loaded. I'm amazed at how well it tows and the race track is about 1.5hrs away so it's not a short drive. He was going to change the gearing but ultimately decided to just use it as is because it worked so well.
  11. Hikari LED bulbs

    I got the most recently updated cree model, they say it is 80% as bright. The philips were $90 that I didn't want to spend if our housings destroyed the beam anyways. I would be inclined to upgrade them in the future now that I have a proof of concept.
  12. I just put up a post last night about some LED bulbs I tried off Amazon. They're the cheaper option Hikari brans bulbs, cost me $37 I think. I'm sure there's some benefit to the higher end ones but this was an experiment. The cutoff is exactly the same as before but the lights are noticably brighter with more throw. With the stock halogens I could barely see street signs and now I have no concerns while driving. Ironically I was flashed a lot with the stock bulbs which was laughable because they're barely bright enough to see and they were adjusted correctly but I haven't gotten flashed once this week. I'd be interested to see if more expensive bulbs are better but I'm a cheapass.
  13. Hikari LED bulbs

    I have a lightbar for backroads but I really needed more light the other 90% of the time. These don't hold a candle to my lightbar but I never expected them to.
  14. AMSOIL Easy Pack gear oil

    That was hard to watch but I purchased these a few months back and haven't gotten around to doing this. I will update when I do.

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