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  1. EcoTec3 4.3 V6 Towing

    My friend has a 4.3L 2wd Silverado that he tows his race car in an enclosed trailer with. He scaled it once and it was roughly 7,600lbs fully loaded. I'm amazed at how well it tows and the race track is about 1.5hrs away so it's not a short drive. He was going to change the gearing but ultimately decided to just use it as is because it worked so well.
  2. Hikari LED bulbs

    I got the most recently updated cree model, they say it is 80% as bright. The philips were $90 that I didn't want to spend if our housings destroyed the beam anyways. I would be inclined to upgrade them in the future now that I have a proof of concept.
  3. I just put up a post last night about some LED bulbs I tried off Amazon. They're the cheaper option Hikari brans bulbs, cost me $37 I think. I'm sure there's some benefit to the higher end ones but this was an experiment. The cutoff is exactly the same as before but the lights are noticably brighter with more throw. With the stock halogens I could barely see street signs and now I have no concerns while driving. Ironically I was flashed a lot with the stock bulbs which was laughable because they're barely bright enough to see and they were adjusted correctly but I haven't gotten flashed once this week. I'd be interested to see if more expensive bulbs are better but I'm a cheapass.
  4. Hikari LED bulbs

    I have a lightbar for backroads but I really needed more light the other 90% of the time. These don't hold a candle to my lightbar but I never expected them to.
  5. AMSOIL Easy Pack gear oil

    That was hard to watch but I purchased these a few months back and haven't gotten around to doing this. I will update when I do.
  6. When I was searching a similar trim GMC used was always more than its Chevy counterpart so not really bang for your buck just a preference thing. I like the Sierra front end better but I was really drawn to the padded dash in an SLE, might be a minor difference to some but I like it way more. I'm actually a little bummed it came with the chrome trim but I know that's a plus to many.
  7. I recently upgraded the lights in my 2014 Sierra due to a burnt out bulb. I knew I had to do something because I absolutely hate them so this was my chance to experiment. I chose these semi cheap 9012 led headlights from Amazon. They claim 9600 lumens and 6k cool white. I was worried about light spread and poor focusing but I was pleasantly surprised. The cutoff is clean and my headlights are finally bright enough to see. There is a split because of the bulb design so in a parking lot it looks like 4 projectors but on the open road you don't even notice. I definitely recommend them, I will update if something changes.
  8. Falken Wildpeak AT3

    Today I had the rare chance to deal with ice and mud, the tires don't even notice they're not on dry pavement. I'm not 100% in love with these tires but traction is definitely not the issue. Last time it snowed I held my truck sideways uphill in 2wd to make a path for the cars struggling behind me and I could let off at any time and regain traction. I probably looked like an idiot but everyone made it and people get stuck pretty easily most storms.
  9. I have the Falkens right now and at 73-83 on the highway my truck could shake my fillings out. Other than that I love them but around here you can't go slower than that without getting run over. I really wanted to like them but I think I'll run them as winter only and get the Continentals for the warm months.
  10. This is the best I could get where it meets the bed. This is on a GMC so I have the wheel well trim also. It's tucked up enough to hide the LEDs from anyone who isn't blatantly looking for them. Hope this helps.
  11. Those red covers with the caddy piece would combine to dress it up quite a bit. Lots of truck guys used to dress up their engine bays, with electronics that seems to have died a bit.
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    I asked them if that promotional price covered the 5100s that fit my vehicle and they haven't gotten back to me in a week.
  13. Exact thought when I saw the pictures, Could probably make it look almost stock doing that.
  14. Mileage on bigger tires

    I went to 265/70r18 and at first I only lost 1-1.5 and hovered around 18 but after 1000 miles I'm lucky to get 16. I despised the stock tires but I'm very torn on running a highway tire during summer and making these winter wheels.
  15. Bilstein shocks thread

    Is there any reason why a set of 5100s would fit a 2018 Silverado 1500 and not fit a 2014 Sierra 1500 with the same drive train and trim level? 4 Wheel Drive Parts is $297 shipped but it says it will fit one and not the other. Their site says the ones for the 2014 are $360.

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