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  1. I'd love to see this installed, this is just about the only way I would add a sub to my truck. I have a full system just sitting in boxes because I don't want to tear my sierra apart and mess with it.
  2. Falken Wildpeak AT3

    I know this thread is from last year but it was the most recent thread I found about these tires. What are people running for pressures in these? The tire place set them to 36psi as stated on the door sticker but upping them to 42 resulted in a bump in mileage.
  3. Bummer about the volume, I use steering wheel controls almost exclusively but the trade off is worth it. I have my stuff in a box ready to go whenever you're ready haha.
  4. I forgot to ask this Monday, what are the odds that the bad module was an isolated issue and you wouldn't run into it with one that we provided?
  5. It's very hard to quantify what shocks are doing in real world conditions. The bobble head example I initially gave is something I imagine 90% of people who own these trucks can relate to which is why I used it. I come from a motorsports background so I can list off a bunch of jargon that isn't gonna mean squat to most people. If you don't find yourself bobbing, or shuddering down dirt roads, or getting a little tail happy when towing then you're probably fine waiting until a shock fails.
  6. I completely understand where you're coming from, which is why I said it's okay to be blissfully ignorant. Hopefully my tone did not convey ignorance as stupidity because that was not my intent. Something like a Bilstein 4600 I would consider a factory replacement/upgrade and nothing near the realm of an off road shock. It would be great if you lived close enough to another member to try them side by side. I put them in my father's truck and when I got mine I was reminded of how worthwhile it is to do.
  7. That's not a deal breaker then. I don't even notice what the screen looks like half the time but I like the dash accents in red. Didn't see any reason this would affect them but had to clarify.
  8. By red lighting do my mean on the clock and temp at the top of the screen or is there more to it? I'm guessing this doesn't mess with the dash lighting.
  9. Any guess on the weight of these?
  10. Excellent first post. That's a decent deal for people who were willing to pay $750 for this upgrade.
  11. There's an oval cutout in the fender and a very obvious oval in the mold on the cover that line up, you just cut out the inside of that oval for more air. There's a thread on here with all the info but it took me less than 20 minutes with a utility blade and a small saw.
  12. The second you need a second guinea pig I can have my stuff shipped out, just give me a price and an address when the time comes.
  13. I have always run winter/summer but was hoping to avoid that with this truck. It would give me an excuse to buy the rims I really want though.
  14. This has always been my experience with Falken tires which is why I was weary. I had 452s on an autocross car years ago and they marbled once and went to shit. Replaced them with Hankooks that held up unbelievably well and never looked back. They were an outstanding tire at first though.
  15. I never even knew there was a tire forum on here, nor the other sub categories I just discovered. Thanks for the heads up!

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