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  1. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Incentives are slowly getting better for mid size trucks, it just took a few years on market for things to slow down. Like every other truck, they jumped $10k when loan terms went to 84 and 96 month options without adding anything to justify that cost increase. But it's hard to hate the Colorado/Ranger/Tacoma size trucks, they do everything well that 95% of trucks owners need done. I'd be driving one now if the dollars made sense, I got a more capable truck for less money but had the pricing been different I could see myself in a midsize. This is the same argument guys who tow their boat twice a year make about why they didn't buy a "wimpy" 1500.
  2. Ended up going with the Dee Zee FX, wish I had pulled the trigger sooner. Very happy with them so far, time will tell how clean they keep the side of my truck.
  3. I'd be interested to see the gains from this swap, I've found that changing efficiency has had a positive affect on every vehicle I've owned and I've been able to get better mileage with simple mods like this.
  4. Just installed Dee Zee FX running boards on my truck, very happy with how they turned out and equally disappointed that I didn't spend the money before the winter. They went on easy and there's very few things I would have changed. We'll see how clean they keep the side of my truck
  5. I do agree that headlight tech has come a long way since my first vehicle, I guess I'll call it the worst since the 70s. My 80s Mazda was never this bad and it cost $200. The strangest part is that I got flashed once a week with the stock shitty bulbs but never with the new setup and both were adjusted correctly.
  6. My 2014 Sierra SLE has the worst headlights I've ever used in any vehicle ever... with a sticker price of $43k no less. I was seriously considering dropping the coin for 2016+ leds but I balked at dishing out $1600 to fix their shitty design. Ended up with led bulbs that helped tremendously.
  7. Toolbox, Back rack AND Bedcover??

    I think it's Trifecta that makes a toolbox seal for their tonneau covers, others may as well. My buddy has an 8ft bed with a toolbox and a shortbed cover and it all matches up perfect, you may have to be a little more custom to make things work. Those push buttons should be out of the way with the risers but there's only one way to find out.
  8. Mod Ideas

    I put 265/70r18 on my truck. They're 32.6" so not a full 33" but close and no rubbing stock. I get complimented on the look all the time, I don't really see a difference anymore.
  9. I got a shell off Amazon, it used my internals and was actually better quality than the original
  10. So they're charging people with 2019 trucks $99 halfway through 2019 for an update? That seems like a huge slap in the face when your truck isn't even a year old model yet...
  11. Like others I have an original solid fold on my Sierra and it's great. I really like it but I've since seen some lower profile options that look really good. I never noticed how high it was until it was pointed out but I like having a cover I can stand on. To me that's the only con.
  12. I have chrome I've been looking at painting, this sounds like a much easier alternative. Are there any cons to leaving the truck outside with the trim off? I could possibly do this beginning of next week.
  13. I settled for a double cab because I wanted the standard bed and it was all but impossible to find in a crew cab 1500. My buddy has the 2500 crew cab standard bed and I barely notice a difference in everyday driving. My next truck will be that because while the rear seats aren't a limitation there are some difference that I think I would benefit from.
  14. I've accidentally left my truck in auto the day after a snowstorm and didn't notice a difference in driving characteristics but like everyone else said, there's no benefit to it, only cons unless it's raining or snowing.
  15. One thing I will add is that Falkens have a history of being hard to balance, something you seem to deal with when it comes to cheaper tires. Mine were real bad on the highway until they wore in a little, it's still not awesome but much much better. They're both louder tires but I can't hear them with the radio on, these trucks do a real good job sealing out noise.

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