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  1. I think I’m leaning to S&B or the new injen intake, I put a magnaflow exhaust on and and I love it too. The borla was a little too hardcore for me and I’m thrifty and the magnaflow I got a good deal on.
  2. Did anyone ever get a dyno of this intake done.
  3. I have been looking at s&b intake. The claim of 51% less restriction is at 600 or more cfm, what rpm is 600cfm achieved and better yet what is the restriction reduction at 1000rpm to 1500rpm.
  4. Drive home seemed a little better, rpm fluctuation still happened a dozen times or so, apparently it’ll get better and smoother within the next 100kms.
  5. Took the truck in for the highway rpm surge ( random 100 to 200 rpm fluctuation), wanting to verify if it was the DFM or the TCC. There was an ECM update available for the 2020 Silverado that was installed and none for the TCM. Now they will be doing a transmission flush to try and cure the problem.
  6. Update is they are going to flush the tranny as they feel the torque converter is locking and unlocking causing the surge.
  7. Hearing rumours that there is tuning coming that requires one to send in the ecu to get unlocked that is not HP tuners. Anyone else hear any tuning updates
  8. Just got it today too. So they are coming stay patient.
  9. Well perhaps you should see what my catch can collects on this new motor. The low sodium to be dexos approved is fine, but the low shear stability that vaporizes the 0w20 oil is still a problem. A 5w20 maybe the way to go if the cold pumping viscosity is very similar and still dexos approved
  10. I went into the dealer looking for any color but silver, black and white. Saw that satin steel and said to myself that is nice, ended up taking it home. Like others have said and I agree, the satin steel has a lot of depth and shows the body lines really well with changing light.
  11. I prefer to have my wheels not extend past the fender. I don’t like rock chips.
  12. Heard something about a lower copper content in newer more epa friendly pads. Could be a factor.
  13. I too would like to confirm if there is a tangible improvement in either intake air velocity or significantly lower intake air temperatures, from where I see it I am sceptical on both.
  14. Trouble shooting this condition now too. I tried the turn it on, put the go pedal to the floor for 15 seconds, release for 15 seconds, put the pedal to the floor for 15 seconds, then turn it off, release the go pedal, wait 30 seconds then start it up. Think it relearns throttle body position and maybe some TCM learned settings. seems better, but it also been warmer and could be a temperature related condition.
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