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  1. I installed this on my 2021 SLT, works as advertised.
  2. My 2021 is my 3rd 6.2, still only 2500 miles runs a bit better since I GM Accessories Borla Cat Back on. My 2018 Max Tow was used as a workhorse for my retirement move from Michigan to Tennessee, really towed outstanding with many heavy loads. Free Truck, sold it for more than I paid for it. My 2012 actually ran the best, great throttle response an great stock muffler sound. Pics in post below.
  3. I use this one also transferred it from my 2018.
  4. I ordered my Bedrug direct from Bedrug on 6/12 and it was shipped same day. Bedrug Customer Service has always answered right away for me. I ordered a A.R.E. LSII Tonneau cover on 5/8 and it took 16 weeks, finally came 8/31.
  5. I got the GM Borla Touring about 3 weeks ago, after following this thead: Love it, great sound very little cab noise, plus I love the quad tips.
  6. For the gap under the console, on trucks built with a console there is a trim piece that snaps in there. See the YouTube at 2:53 Others that have swapped in the console may chime in. Looks great!
  7. Exact same thing happened to me today, took it in and the Blue Light Special turned white
  8. 1992 GMC Sierra C2500 RC (My Dad's truck Inherited still in the family) 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 EC SLT 4x4 Z71 5.3 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 EC SLT 4x4 Z71 6.2 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 CC SLT 4x4 Max Tow 6.2 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 CC SLT 4x4 X31 6.2
  9. Installed this morning, the sound is just right for me. GM Accessories Part # 19419433, for the 6.2
  10. Joined the body side molding club. Ordered the parts for 2014-2018 Sierra's from GM Accessories.
  11. I have been using Bed Rug for 15 years (used the first one on my 2007 Sierra and my 2012 Sierra) also on my 2018 Sierra. All 4 trucks had a A.R.E. fiberglass tonneau cover. Like GN2018 said its like a big trunk to secure your gear. You can also velcro to the fabric. Excellent fit and finish and holds up great.
  12. Whoops...Thought you were asking about the bumper steps, Sorry
  13. You can get body color to your Denali here: https://www.sportwing.com/FE-SIL19-CC-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-Crew-Cab-Painted-Body-Side-Molding
  14. This review makes the Corsa system look pretty good and a decent price. I was looking at the GM Accessories GM/Borla system which people say is is essentially the Borla touring cat back. I really want the quad round tips, but I can't find a Corsa system with tips to replace the factory bezels. I've read some reviews that say the GM/Borla is not that much improvement over stock. Would like to wake up the 6.2 a bit but not to ATAK level.
  15. I traded my 2018 SLT Premium Plus 6.2 for a 2021 SLT Premium Plus 6.2 in late April. Same situation got more than what I paid for my 2018 (less a few accessories that went with the old truck). The main reason I traded was to get the value out of my old truck, drove it for 3 years for free. The trick is finding the new truck you want, I had to travel 375 miles to get mine. The ride on the new truck is fine, better than the 2018, not as floaty on the front end, and corners flatter. NEW OPTIONS MY 2018 DID NOT HAVE HEATED REAR SEATS PUSH BUTTON START MULTI PRO TAILGATE ADAPTIVE CRUISE DUAL EXHAUST X31 BLIND ZONE ALERT BED MOUNTED 120V OUTLET REAR AIR VENTS 10 SPEED REMOTE TAILGATE RELEASE BODY COLOR XM ANTENNA DRIVER ASSIST HANDLE
  16. Noticed the Blue LED on the top of my 2021 drivers side headlamp today, Built 4/21, 1100 miles.
  17. I had two cars for the kids, a Pontiac G6 and a Chevy Cruze had them for years and discovered long after purchase.
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