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  1. How much the topper set you back? Occasionally I think about getting one but haven’t looked into really. That and amp research steps, both probably more than I’m willing to pay.
  2. I doubt it without added changes. The headlights are actually shaped different. So you’d need the custom grill, the custom headlights, the get leds for the lights. on another note, is the first picture your truck? If so where you get those grill lights?
  3. Cut the part that hangs down off. Then using a 3D pen mold it, to make a long story short. Add in a few rounds of sanding, then paint. It took a little bit, but wasn’t hard. I have a 3D printer and thought about designing one but decided not too. They’ve held up fine for the last few months. I built them pretty strong.
  4. Thanks man! Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back. No difference with handling that I can tell. Recently painted the calipers red, and the exhaust tips black. And painted the bow tie on the wheels black, but kept the chrome surround of the emblem. Also custom made some guard out of the original mud guards/flaps. They essentially just follow the contours of the body and don’t hang down now. also just finished ceramic coating it today. Going to ceramic coat the wheels and the grill, and then everything on it will be coated.
  5. I didn’t have them on before the level. Truck has the 2” trailboss lift and 2”level. They still rubbed slightly, but trimmed a little of the inner fender liner. You can’t tell really.
  6. My LTZ 6.2 with the 2 inch trailboss lift, and 2 inch level. Have 22” Chevy RsT wheels, and toyo open country M/T
  7. I removed mine. Don’t know on mpg because it was done immediately like I do with all my new trucks. Truck looks better without:/
  8. Don’t have mine yet but also curious as I always take mine off as well
  9. Hey I don’t know why either, but I got a couple 3D printers and wouldn’t mind the stl
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