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  1. Cut the part that hangs down off. Then using a 3D pen mold it, to make a long story short. Add in a few rounds of sanding, then paint. It took a little bit, but wasn’t hard. I have a 3D printer and thought about designing one but decided not too. They’ve held up fine for the last few months. I built them pretty strong.
  2. Thanks man! Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back. No difference with handling that I can tell. Recently painted the calipers red, and the exhaust tips black. And painted the bow tie on the wheels black, but kept the chrome surround of the emblem. Also custom made some guard out of the original mud guards/flaps. They essentially just follow the contours of the body and don’t hang down now. also just finished ceramic coating it today. Going to ceramic coat the wheels and the grill, and then everything on it will be coated.
  3. I didn’t have them on before the level. Truck has the 2” trailboss lift and 2”level. They still rubbed slightly, but trimmed a little of the inner fender liner. You can’t tell really.
  4. My LTZ 6.2 with the 2 inch trailboss lift, and 2 inch level. Have 22” Chevy RsT wheels, and toyo open country M/T
  5. I removed mine. Don’t know on mpg because it was done immediately like I do with all my new trucks. Truck looks better without:/
  6. Don’t have mine yet but also curious as I always take mine off as well
  7. Hey I don’t know why either, but I got a couple 3D printers and wouldn’t mind the stl
  8. My LTZ with 6.2 is on order and will get the 2 inch lift at dealer, along with all the black parts. The truck will still need a leveling kit? Because even trail boss trucks have a rack.
  9. What I’ve always noticed is yes fords appears taller, as does dodge. But when you actually look at it with more attention you realize alot of it is the body of these trucks ate taller. In fact the body being taller, along with not accounting for the extra height and keeping the wheel width is why fords had so many roll overs with their explorers. Same is true to probably a lesser extent with the F250s. I personally know 3 people who have rolled them. I know of no one personally who have rolled Silverado’s. I am a fire fighter and have seen silverados that have rolled, but these weren’t due to design. It usually involved a multi car accident on interstates where the truck when off the side of the road down large drop offs after the initial impact wth other vehicles. fords and dodges are taller, but a lot of it is the body itself is taller. They do have alittlw extra ground clearance, but in the overall picture I believe the body accounts for more. my feelings are that GM in there testing, and logic knew a combination of lower stance and wider stance provided better handling and overall safety. having said all that, I like taller also and usually make my silverados taller.
  10. Agreed. I have on order a LTZ z71 6.2 with ever option avail. When the truck arrives at the dealership they will put the 2 TB lift, along with the black trim pieces. Also getting the 22 rst black wheels instead of the black wheels that come on the TB. so I will in effect have a LTZ 6.2 Z71 TrailBoss
  11. The antenna was key on my last Silverado with 6inch lift. When going into a parking garage if it hit the beams in the garage it meant I’m at the very least cutting it close and needed to stick my head out and inspect before proceeding. But I agree, they aren’t the most visually pleasing. Plus if it hit every day going in and out of my own garage that would get old
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