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  1. I would have been worried if the truck didn't do that in 4wd! Vehicles with selectable rear lockers (F150's), will do that as well in 2wd.
  2. That's sounds pretty typical for a properly locked 4WD system. When turning, your front tires/rear tires (as well as side to side) will rotate at different rates. When you engage 4wd, the system is physically locked, forcing the tires to turn at the same rate, even when they don't want to. Thus, the system binds when you are trying to turn very sharply. This is why 4wd hi should only be used when you are on a slippery surface and the tires don't have enough traction to bind up the system.
  3. I had the exactly same issue when I did mine. Torch on the outer side of the sleeve, then take a chisel, park it right on the edge of the outer pipe, and hit it with a mallet. Eventually you can work the muffler back off. I also used ratchet straps to help pull the pipe and the muffler in opposite directions while doing this.
  4. Haha, traded with someone that had a touring with stock manifolds.
  5. Get hold of the touring muffler and switch it out, it's exactly what I did with my Silverado. You'll be impressed with how quiet it is with the headers.
  6. That's a stretch, they got lucky with some good numbers that day. A 5.3L will easily put the run on a 3.5L ecoboost, the 2.7L doesn't stand a chance compared to the 6.2L.

    Haha, that doesn't work for all of us. Guaranteed that the heater wipers would clear faster than non heated anyday.

    This had nothing to do with the fluid type. This heated the fluid additionally so that it would melt the ice significantly faster. If you live in a somewhere where it gets really cold in the winter, just having the correct fluid isn't enough too quickly clear the windshield. Heck, with the heaters, you wouldn't even have to scrape your windows off in the morning, just check to make sure the wipers weren't stuck to the glass. Plus, this would work great while driving when you'd get a buildup of ice that the wipers couldn't take care of. Plus gave us those cheques for elimination of the option, haha.

    Those of us that had GM trucks with the heater wipers remember how fantastic it was for defrosting your windows, or clearing ice when driving. Damn I miss them.
  10. Paint delamination

    Based on my experiences, I've seen this in 2009 and 2010 trucks as well.
  11. Paint delamination

    In my case, the leading edge of the roof was 3M'd. The paint lifted off, stuck to the 3M and rusted underneath. And meanwhile, my dad had the EXACTLY same issue happen on his 2010 Silverado but he managed to get GM to fix it under warranty. They ended up stripping the front half of the roof and having it resprayed. The service manager at our dealership admitted that a few years of the trucks had the roofs badly prepped for paint. Keep in mind that a rock chip should just damage the location of the impact. I know what those look like as I have plenty of them on my hood around the 3M, and even through the 3M. A rock chip shouldn't cause entire patches of paint to lift off.
  12. Paint delamination

    Story of my life. I ended up having to rattle can the entire leading edge of my roof. GM said it was wear and tear.
  13. I hear ya man, I don't know what GM was thinking with this. I have the wireless pad on my 2017 Camaro and I can't use it since the phone doesn't fit. Great idea to support a modern technology but how the hell do you screw up being able to support a modern phone size.
  14. The perforated refers to the leather seat texture, not the plumbing for ventilation.
  15. Yup, that looks pretty standard for a GM of that age. I had to wire wheel the rust from the inside of my door seams, treat with rust mort, prime with an etching primer, then I resprayed the bottoms of the doors. My rear fenders have been getting rust zits and holes like that, so it's been a constant battle to keep fighting them.

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