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  1. Funny nobody considers the liability of jackin. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  2. But I still see them there... Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  3. The old body style by far. That puke line from fender into door is really amateur hour on top of the Asian front and rear. Also notice the back glass doesn’t curve with the roofline when viewed from the rear. No design harmony there for sure!!!! Would like a used 17 with a duff engine for cheap down south somewhere in a few years..... Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  4. And the fact I’d had better seats that don’t crack, stay cool and aren’t frigid in winter. I would like the features on slt but don’t want fake leather seat surface next to plastic bolsters in a motor vehicle. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  5. Thanks for the link and the story. I will be towing a TT across country soon and will be more cautious with this in mind. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  6. After Turnelectronics checking my module again (thank you Chris - awesome customer service) I have reinstalled it and still get the 0242 code. Anyone here had to replace the ABS brake module or motor to clear this up? I am now thinking that a valve is stuck due to corrosion or inactivity for many years? Is this possible?
  7. This is great advice to many people that can't comprehend living within your means. I do my own maintenance unless it is high up on the second level of our house (can't stand high ladders). The cool thing about this is that my WIFE believes that we have saved that same amount, 100k, in the last 20 years on maintenance and long lasting vehicles. She brought it up, and who am I to argue!!!!! She retired this year, good for her. I may not be too far away and I am just a bit older than your retirement age.... Congratulations!
  8. Resurrecting this thread. I just replaced my module, rebuilt by Turnelectronics. I installed it, bought a scanner that allows me to not only clear the code, but to run the ABS module to open the valves to completely bleed the system. I have the lights on the cluster, the ABS light and parking brake light. I can't clear the code, it won't clear, therefore I can't run the ABS module to bleed the system. I have brake pressure, and can drive the truck but the ABS will not work, the rear tires will skid or all 4 will skid on the gravel. Cleaned the ground etc. Anyone know how to test that the wiring TO the module is good? I can't think of anything else that may be wrong, but the Code C0246 cannot be erased as there is still a fault somewhere.
  9. Did you ever get this repaired? I took the ABS unit out and had the BCM repaired. I re-installed the BCM and the ABS unit and need to bleed the system. I purchased a scanner that can run the valves in the ABS unit. I still have code C0246, and the two lights on the cluster, which are the ABS yellow light, and the "parking brake" red light. I tried to clear the code but not working for me. i see above to try and do the tire calibration, which I will try tomorrow, any suggestions?
  10. Right. But if you have a trailer back there it is difficult on some to drop a normal tailgate as well. So just don’t do it with a trailer. Now if you drive around with a hitch and ball sticking up that may be considered negligence then. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  11. How about reporting new vehicle registrations then? Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  12. When my wife says she doesn't want to ride in "this truck" any longer because it has "character" and only 195k miles on it. So we "had" to buy a new one if she was going to go glamping with me this year and into the future. I still have my "old" truck. I am having a hard time coming to terms getting rid of it. So I have a "new" truck, AND and "old" truck.
  13. And an enabler. GM is an enabler. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  14. Less complex. Glad the headlamps are “lower” in the front end. What’s the likelihood of getting a different cab and doors so that equinox puke line can be resolved? This looks better from little that’s shown. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
  15. That red kind of muted that horrific “puke line” on the front fenders. That dark color and especially silver will accentuate that nasty thing. Wtf. Looks like a sonic or Malibu not a serious vehicle for men. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
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