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  1. Im back on this forum after a long hiatus. Thinking about finally replacing my 2014 Sierra 5.3 and googled "2022 sierra problems". This thread came up. I bought a new 2013 Sierra with a 6.2, at 30k miles the engine piled up. Lifters. Traded it on my current 2014. at 80k miles, engine piled up, lifters, cam, etc etc etc. It has since been good aside from the torque converter piling up twice, first time at 161,000 km, 1000 km out of warranty, happened on my drive home from work which was 1200 km. Second time, 100k km later, it did it again but needed a transmission rebuild/upgrade(i upgraded the trash factory torque converter). It now has 225k miles. My last 6 trucks were GM and I'm a bit dismayed they still have the same lifter problems.
  2. I maintain it. People think it's brand new. Oil changes before the truck tells me to. Usually around 6k I just ran Mobil 1 full synthetic. My truck goes in for every little noise and I pointed out the engine squeak , which ended up being the cam or bearings, about 50k ago.
  3. I know right! I'm pretty happy with the result honestly. Curious how the warranty will work on it. Should be done Friday and I'll ask.
  4. Truck has 138,000 KM.. Took it to the dealership due to a tick/knock at 2000 RPM, lacking in power, figured it was lifters. Initially they determined it needed lifters, a new cam and valve springs. After attempting to install the new cam, they found it was "too tight", and ordered new cam bearings. While taking apart the engine to send the block to a machine shop for the bearing install, they found a scored cylinder, not repairable. New engine for me. So the moral of the story is, if your engine is making more noise than usual, take it in ASAP! My 2013 6.2 did the same thing, only sooner, but no one would acknowledge the issue. I ended up trading it off for this one.
  5. So do you have to bleed the system off? Is that even a thing?
  6. I should note is it more prominent in the winter, after sitting for a bit.
  7. Nope I havent done anything to it. I mentioned it to the dealer, but their mentality is, we will fix it when it breaks
  8. Did your truck screech or squeal when you started it, prior to this? Mine does.
  9. I always run 4 auto, in the winter, unless Im in a dirty mud hole or snow drift. Works awesome.
  10. Love that blue and the black rims together. Beauty of a truck
  11. I just got the work priced out for mine. Going to do Dynatec headers and Y pipe, custom cam, tune and exhaust. AFM delete is coming later, but for now, I'll just tune it out.
  12. Ya im over the warranty. I tried conditioning it but it still looked bad. Ended up rubbing it all off the dash. Took like two hours. There are a few spots left that are flaking, but i got sick of scrubbing it. Final straw for me. My next truck won't be a GM.
  13. Im out of warranty on it... When i was dusting off my dash i notice a flaky white material. Wiped at it with a wet cloth and more and more keeps rubbing off. The dealership pretty much says I'm out of luck. Plus i dont really want to pull my dash off.
  14. The one in my signature is 5500 lbs dry, 31' ft. Pulls it relatively easy. I have the 3.42's
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