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350 Tbi Upgrade And Performance

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Hey guyz, i am planning on doing this to my truck over summer to get better mileage and more power. i plan on keeping the stock heads with stock springs to even though the swirl port heads dont flow well, they are made for torque and torque is what i am after. i also plan on advancing the cam 4* and get a custom tune. Tell me what ya think and if i should change some stuff and what would yall ball park the power at.

Part #PriceQtyTotal

ACCEL 8132 - ACCEL Performance Distributor Cap and Rotor Kits


* $25.95

ACDelco R44TS - ACDelco Conventional Resistor Spark plugs


* $15.60

Clear One Racing 25017 - Clear One TBI Fuel Injector Riser Plates


* $12.95

Edelbrock 2102 - Edelbrock Performer-Plus Cam and Lifter Kits


* $124.95

JET Performance 61500 - JET Adjustable TBI Billet Fuel Pressure Regulators


* $74.96

Summit Racing SUM-141507 - Summit Racing® Steel Roller Tip Rocker Arms


* $94.95

Summit Racing SUM-868836R - Summit Racing® Ignition Wires


* $29.95

Trans-Dapt Performance Products 2534 - Trans-Dapt Performance Swirl-Torque TBI Spacers


* $47.88

Part Subtotal $427.19

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Roller tip rockers are complete waste, the fulcrum is where rollers are good, real race stuff got away from roller tip even with unlimited budgets.


I wouldn't use that cam if it were free.


You are shooting yourself in the foot in a big way wanting to use stock springs, they were probably marginal on the stock cam a decade ago. Thinking you can swap cams and keep old springs is 1970s thinking.


I know the trucks sometimes got flat tappets in roller cam blocks which your truck will have a roller cam block. So put a roller cam in it. If you have roller lifters they are reusable.


If I had a similar application I would look at either.

http://www.competitionproducts.com/Elgin-H...ductinfo/E1136/ or The Ramjet cam p/n 14097395 I had the ZZ3 cam at one point and really liked it but I believe the exhaust lift will be too much for your heads.

A dirt cheap option would be a used 96+Vortec, little smaller than all of these but bigger than what you have. That cam was used in the b-bodies 94-96 and a lot of us screw around with those cars so there are a lot of stock cams to be had for little more than shipping.


Proper heads can make more torque, the common practice of blindly making the port bigger does not help it though.


I would scratch the fuel pressure regulator too and instead get real custom reprogramming.


I know I pretty much tore apart your plan, sorry but my experience says the "magazine build" you proposed would have been a disappointment.

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Scatch the riser plate,tbi spacer aka +0 hp.Dude your better off finding a small block 400 i found one 450 bucks and its built to the gills.tbi motors are strong i have one they'll last forever thats what they were built for not for performance.If i was going to build uo mine ill be damned if i keep the tb.

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I understand this thread/question is a few months old but I feel the responses were somewhat......lacking. the performer cam is a good way to go if you want to keep the stock ecu and programming. intake duration is most important in this, I believe 206 is about the max without running into issues. The injector pod spacer gets the injectors more out of the way of airflow plus the added distance will help. Roller tip rocker arms may not make any noticable hp gains but will help with wear. As for the stock springs....I would encourage an upgrade due to the rpm they have valve float especially once worn. As for the response of not getting an adjustable fuel pressure regulator..... obviously they have never done the math as to what is amount of fuel is required to make hp....you can throw on nice heads, intake,exhaust and a big cam, but if your fuel is limited they won't make a difference at all. The stock injectors are practically maxed out ..and even a "tune" as suggested cannot make the duty cycle of the injectors provide as much fuel as needed. you have to bump the fuel pressure but you also need to know what that fuel pressure is, too little = loss of power too much= idles like crap . as for getting a 400 sb if the injectors can barely power 210 hp in a 350 with stock fuel pressure...how could they power a 400 cu. in.??? Search here or many other forums thirdgen.org fullsizechevy.com etc there is ALOT of FACTS out there about how to tune and build up a tbi for some power and torque. You probably already answered your questions, but there is so much misinformation and people using the "seat of their pants" dyno on the net. facts and science tell the truth. http://www.dynamicefi.com/TBI_Fueling.php The realities here cannot be denied.

good luck

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