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Got my 285 70 17 Nitto Terra Grapplers on stock wheels and NEW Wheel W


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Got my new Nitto Terra Grapplers 285/70/17 mounted on my stock 17" wheels today and installed my new wheel well liners a few day back . I must say it seems much more like a truck now with bigger tires. I have a 2" Rough Country level on the front no rubs as expected but prob about all the tire it would hold with out minor rubbing. Decided to take a few pics today and I will post up the results in case anybody wants to see that tire combo if you maybe were thinking about that tire. also will say the wheel well liners are worth every penny for looks and practical purpose and should be STOCK on every truck.



First pic will be a before shot to compare


Also thanks for everyone posting all your how big of a tire can I run threads that helped me make my decision!

















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Love the wheel & tire combo. Are those wheels the stock ones just powder coated?


looks really good. I have the same wheels im curious are they painted or powder coated? Its killing me but im holding out for tires untill i wear the ones on my truck out first.



I did the wheels myself about 9 months ago with a duplicolor wheel treatment guess thats a fancy way of saying they were painted, but Duplicolor calls it a wheel treatment. The short of it is you clean the wheels, sand the wheels, clean the wheels, clean the wheels again and maybe once more haha then 2 coats of self etching primer and 3 coats of paint, no clear for me I left mine matte. They still look as good as hte day I finished them, but im easy on a truck no off roading or curbing! I had decided on some OEM 20's when my old tires wee shot but, I really still dig the look of these wheels and the tires look great on them so plan to keep them for this set of tires anyway.

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They look really good you did a good job. I like the matte black finish on them. I agree i love the wheels on my truck but i prefer them in black like yours. I do get off road in mine and plenty of boat ramps that are full of pot holes around here. I may look into the wheel treatment. Eventually id like to get some wheels that will allow the tire to stick out a few inches from the body i like the looks of the stance that way a little better. My concern with that though is the tire size and rubbing these new trucks dont allow for a very large and wide tire. I would love a set of 33x12.5 but they wont work with just a leveling kit.

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