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Difference in 2.25" and 3" leveling kit?

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Hey guys, Thanks again for all your help on this website and it really has helped me a great deal! But I finally ordered a set of 285/70/17 and now I am torn between doing a 2.25 and a 3 with a 1 1/2 rear block. I really like the look of the 3 but I am worried that it may not be good on the front end. If anyone has had any experience with the different kits some thought would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys!



Black GMC

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Almost everyone will tell you higher than 2.25" is not good. I think you are asking for trouble with a 3" level. Honestly I haven't seen a 3" front level kit.


As for the rear... The stock block is 1.25" so if you find a 1.5" block your only gaining .25". I've only seen rear block kits that raise the rear 1" (they are called a 2" block by readylift even though you get a full inch so the block is realy 2.25") and 1.75" (3" block) or higher.


You are probably looking at a front 2" level, rear blocks (I'd recommend 3") and a 1.5" body lift if you want that much lift without a traditional lift.

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I'm running the RC 2" leveling kit mine and love it. I researched the crap out of this and from what I've read 2'-2.5" seems ot be the best, not saying a 3" wouldn't be fine but the bigger the spacer the more stress on front end parts. You should be able to clear 285-70-17's just fine with a 2.5" level kit.

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2.5 will put you perfectly level, but I would stick with a 2" level. The higher you go on the front end, the harsher the angles and ride. At 3" the UCA's will ride the droop stops and really make the truck, and you, hate life. I have had a body lift on my truck for over 4 years and there's nothing cheap about it. I had one on my old K5 and I beat that thing to death without issue. The point is that body lifts are reliable options.

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