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Service Air Ride message after compressor and shock replacement

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Not really a new topic but over the past few months of reviewing information and coming to a decision of what I wanted to do when the compressor failed I seem to have lost a thread.


I have a 2001 Denali that my wife loves. The compressor failed and I went with the decision to keep the air ride since we tow our boat with it plus I like the ride. If I want a truck type ride I can get in the 1-ton crew cab.


I replaced the compressor with an Arnott after testing and determining it had failed. I wasn't sure on the shocks so I did not order them at the time. Hooked up the new compressor and then of course was able to determine the shocks were indeed bad. Ordered those from Arnott as well and installed them the other day. This included cutting the plug from the old connection and installing the new sensors on the frame that were included with the kit. Plugged the compressor back in and had the kids sit on the bumper and everything works under load as it should. Except the ride control message is still on.


I am pretty sure during my research and readings that I read a thread on something that had to be done to rid the service ride control message after the compressor and shocks were replaced. Can anyone direct me to the thread or just re-post what I need to do?



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Hello, I have the exact same problem. I replaced a burned out air compressor and rear shocks and my "service ride control" still comes on. I just checked the shocks now about 2 hours after I installed them and they are holding air tight. I will check them again tomorrow morning and see if any air is leaking out. But yeah, i took the truck for a test drive after instal and the light came on!!

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you both need to to have a scanner clear the code and go for a wee drive down the road and see if the msg comes back ,


if soooo,you have a code that needs to be retreived and diagnosed,,,,


no internet fixes for you today !!!



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