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Random engine shutoff

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I have a 2006 2500hd 6.0 that at hwy speed will just die... As I am driving along the engine just shuts off. After which I pull to the side put in park and it start right up and then will do it again and it will start back up. This is usually after driving 20 min or so. It is very random though. No codes


It started about 2 months ago when I was bringing my car trailer for my Dad to borrow. I drove about 25 miles and it stalled. It did it two more times, then I finished driving another 45min to my parents house without incicent. The next day my Dad drove the truck to a car show which was probably 2.5hrs round trip without incident. Then returned the truck to me halfway between our homes. After driving it 5-10 minutes it started again. I called him and asked if he used the tow haul or cruise, and he did not use cruise, so I fiqured that was the only diff. I brought to the dealer and they checked it out and said it was something in the ECU and reflashed it.


It drove for the next month no problem for short trips which is all I use it for latelty. I try to drive every 2 weeks. Then Fri it started again. And my Warrenty ran out two days earlier.


Any thoughts??




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Have you tried replacing the crank position sensor? They tend to act like this when they go bad.



Thanks for the suggestion,I have not tried anything yet. Is it hard to replace?





sorry ,ya dont take the first advice over the internet and throw parts at the truck hoping one sticks ,,,


it needs to scanned and diagnosed so you spend money wisely,,,


you posted to soon,


have it scanned and present that code here if ya want ,we will give a few maybes and you go get it diagnosed by a tech unless you have a boat load of money ......


im not nasty , i speak what has to be done ,and like that lol !!!


we will be waiting bud

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