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Western uni mount OR ultra mount??

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Im in the market for another plow.. I had a 7 or 7.5' uni mount 5-6 yrs ago and miss it, Its going on an 05 sierra 3500 srw 8.1 truck..but as i look around i see 'ultra mount' and not sure what the difference is between the 2.. Can you guys give me some advice/info and let me know what the deal is with the two different models, Or if you guys had good expierience with others like meyers, Or others out there.


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Fisher and Western are made by Douglas Dynamics and are very good plows. Meyer is on their own and have stepped up their quality from what I have read. The most important factor of plow buying is dealer support. Given the choice I would do a Fisher Minute Mount 2 then the Western Ultra Mount.

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Im going to look into the fisher, I see alot of them around.. Although i did like the uni mount i had, but it was the only plow i ever had..So its hard to compare.

the ultra mounts are definitly pricier..

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Fisher, Western and Blizzard are all owned by Douglas Dynamics..................


Anyhoo the western uni-mount is the old mounting system. The Ultra is the new mounting system.

Fisher used the MM 1 mount system and now uses the MM2 system which is similar to the Ultra mount system.

Blizzard now uses a similar mounting system since DD bought them a couple of years back.


All of the newer models use the current same isolation module electric/wiring/controller systems.


NOTE: IF you buy either a older/used Fisher MM1 or Western Uni mount setup be warned that most

plow side mounts (mounting carton) are getting impossible to find new or used and are mighty EXPENSIVE!

Not to mention the truck specific wiring setups are also $pendy at $500 each new !

Uni mounts are running $500 plus used. Even buying a ultra mount and adding a uni conversion piece

is a addl. $400 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heck a new handheld controller is $400...............

Most of the mount and wiring setups are dealer only stuff to boot!


If your shopping used be sure to buy a complete unit off a similar gmt-800 2500/3500 truck.

Buying a incomplete used plow and trying to configure it piecemeal to your truck will end

up costing you almost as much as a new unit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since your in Pa. give Jerres service a call in Erie. He prob. can fix ya up with a complete

used unit and install at a fair price.



BTW: Meyer plows are alright also but have their quirks. Like they say a Meyer owner

either swears BY or AT their meyer plow........................


Also stop over to www.letstalksnow.com/forums and ask for further advise.

A good bunch of smart plowheads over there !

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