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Picked up a 2010 GMC All Terrain

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Was out looking, was planning on waiting until next January to find a newer truck and just happened to stumble across this one. In decent to great shape other than the bald tires, chrome peeling off of the interior door handle and the drivers side HVAC controls are missing the paint on them. Negotiated with the dealer for those items and once I signed the papers took it down to get tires installed.


Really wanted the 6.2 but they are hard to come by, this one is nice. Even though my 2001 has the 5.3 and so does this one the newer 5.3 with the 6 speed auto seems to have more peep to it. I plan on adding a CAI down the road and a Magnaflow muffler and calling it good.


Has anyone else ran into the issue with the chrome peeling off of the interior door handle of the paint coming off of the HVAC controls (for the drivers side temp and fan speed)?

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When I got my 2010 Sierra in March last year, it had the same issue with HVAC controls. Black paint had peeled off if I remember correctly so the temp setting buttons looked like a big red and blue smudge. Had the dealer replace it beforehand just like you did. I guess it's just from the previous owner never deciding on a temp he liked. lol. I'd like to know how much it took to replace it. Whether it was just the little button, or the whole front panel as one piece that had to be replaced. It was the only flaw on the whole truck. Previous owner took good care of it, other than giving those buttons hell.

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I had painted door handles on my 08 and the drivers side was peeling. My radio controls also had a little peeling on them as well. When I was looking for new trucks I made sure I found one that didn't have the painted door handles! lol

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See the door handle issue is actually the inside one that is peeling, the chrome came right off.


So does anyone have any input on Smitty Built step bars? As of now my current mod list is:


New drivers side inside chrome door handle

replace the center cup holder, both doors are broken

Step bars

Line-x the bed

K&N CAI kit

Magnaflow muffler


That will be it until the powertrain dies off then I we decide if I am going to tune it with HPT or maybe look at the Blackbear system.

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First round of repairs and mods done. Replaced the drivers side door handle and the center console/cup holder. Removed the front plate and polished out the grill to get rid of the water spots. Installed the underseat storage compartment and had the transmission dipstick recall done. The step bars come in today and will go on tonight.


Want to try and get the bed liner installed this month and then save up for the K&N intake kit, Magnaflow muffler and then start researching a tune for the truck next.

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Congrats on the new truck! we need some pics though. I also have a 2010 All Terrain and all the Chrome inside and out still looks good and all buttons look like new. Although, with the automatic climate controls I really don't adjust temp much...

Did you go original size tire?

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I will prob take some pics tomorrow, spent part of today polsihing out some minor scratches. I had a local decal shop make me some decals for the HVAC controls that worked perfectly. Had the Magnaflow muffler installed today and while it didnt turn out as loud as I wanted it is better than stock.


I went with Nitto Terra Grapplers in 275/65/18, they are slightly taller and wider than the stock size.

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