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Tail light problem

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Recently my passenger side tail light, only the running light bulbs, went out. There are two bulbs, both are dual element, and I figured it was strange that both went at the same time. The signal light and brake light work, just not the running light on this side only. I went and bought 2 new bulbs and guess what? Yup, the bulbs are still out which means it is electrical. Electrical problems are my nemisis, so any ideas where to start? Why would the running element of the bulb not work when the brake and signal light flash and they are the same bulb?



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You need to get a test light or multimeter and a schematic.


Then you start the diagnose, the tail lamps lights all the power comes from a junction block. It's behind the bumper the block is the same on a lot of gm full sizes since 2001 I believe





Scroll to the bottom.

Good luck let us know what it turns out to be.


I hate electrical problems so much too, I really took my time on my problem. But ill tell you what it is so satisfying to find the problem and fix it!


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check obvious stuff first. this certainly doesn't sound like a fuse, but check your manual and make sure they are not on their own fused curquit and make sure all the appropriate fuses are OK.


Got bit that way once.

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