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Gmc hubcaps


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i am going to buy hubcaps for my gmc sierra 1979 ..


so can somebody please tell me where can i find ? and what is their prices for new ones , i have another question ..


i saw many of them on ebay but most of them is on bidding , and there is difference between new original hubcaps and used one ?


Photo for the hubcaps :







also i am looking for these keychains :









Thank you and sorry if this is the wrong section ...




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I just threw one away like that from my 86 2500. I was for a 16" wheel, you will need to becareful that you get the ones for the wheel size that you have, the ones for a 1/2 ton are smaller than the ones for the 3/4 ton, I lost one the first month that I had the truck and the dealer replaced it but the first one they ordered was for a 1/2 ton and it was to small. :jester:

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