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Just want to install a new head unit

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I need a little help, please.

What I've got:

2005 Sierra

Amplified Bose stereo (7 or 9 speakers I couldn't tell you)

Steering wheel controls



Rear Seat Entertainment package

What wiring harness do I need to get? All I want to do is install a new head unit.

I've heard nothing but doom and gloom from Crutchfield, Best Buy, etc about anything from losing my door chimes (which I already knew) to losing my factory alarm system to having my air bags fail to deploy if I didn't buy this ridiculously expensive "special" wiring harness.

I have installed numerous stereos in the past but haven't done so in several years so I haven't exactly been able to keep up with the times. I'm used to just slapping in a $10 Walmart harness and being good to go.

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Your system sounds similar to mine. Last I checked though you will lose RSE without an adapter which when I was looking was hard to find. Crutch field was the only ones that had it and I believe they have two different one. One you kind of had to wore yourself and another that was more plug and play.


I didn't want to lose RSE and all I wanted was an aux input so I picked up an iSimple and hooked that up. Plug and play was only about $100 on Amazon.

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