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2 Piece Rear Main Seal



Does anyone know if they make a 2 piece rear main seal for my truck? Also, is it possible to get to the rear main seal by dropping the oil pan versus dropping the transmission?


Trying to survey all possible options.


Any suggestions welcome!

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When two piece seals were being used, they tended to leak more often than not. Trying to sucessfully repair a leaking 2 piece rear main seal without dropping the crank was virtually impossible. The only solution that I ever saw that worked was replacing the rear main bearing with one that had grooves in it that made the oil 'leak' towards the front of the engine as opposed to leaking equally towards front and rear of engine.


There are two ways to replace one piece rear main seal. Pull the engine, or pull the trans. If it is a 4 wheel drive, it may be easier to pull engine. Otherwise, pull the trans, then flex plate(or ring gear). Pack grease in the area around the seal that is open. There is likely a spring around the actual seal that may pop off while seal is being seated. Packing the area with grease will help keep spring in place. If there is no spring, no need to pack area, but do make sure seal is well lubricated, but try to keep external of seal somewhat dry, with no grease. By external I mean the side that is outside the engine. You do not want to think the seal is leaking again in 2 weeks due to being too sloppy on the install.

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I haven't seen a 2-piece seal in quite a while.


No way around it - tranny has got to come down, and flywheel removed in order to remove the seal housing.


That's one of many engine designs that irk me ....

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