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Transmission - Shifting from D (drive) to M (manual)

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Does anyone know... with the truck in motion.... what gear I would be in if I shifted from Drive to Manual. I would like to be able to gear down from Drive... I don't if that is possible.


I know when I am stopped, if I shifted to M (manual), it automatically goes/shows M1 (first gear). If I am in motion, does would it shift to M1 or M6.


Its not like the old days when the dashboard shows (P - R - D - 3 - 2 - 1) on the days board :)



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its will show whatever gear you are currently in. For example if the truck is in 3rd gear and you shift to M it will show 3rd gear and hold 3rd gear until you change it.

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This is how i believe it works. When you shift into M, it will start out in M6 or sixth gear or a lower gear if more appropriate. For instance, if you at a stop and shift into M, it will go into first gear. AS you begin to move, it will shift accordingly, basically just like regular drive and will go all the way up to sixth gear. If you are moving and shift into M, it wont necessarily change your gear and will continue to shift up and down as you change speed. Shifting into M and then hitting the +/- button will simply change the max gear that it will go to. So, say you are going 30 mph and the truck is in 3rd gear and your shifter is in "D". You won't really notice any difference when shifting into M. It will stay in 3rd gear until you change the speed or load on the transmission and it will continue to shift as needed just as before. Then say you are going 70 and are in 6th gear with "D" on the shifter and then shift into M, you still likely won't notice any difference. But if you hit the "-" button, it will force the truck down into 5th gear and prevent it from going higher but will still let it go lower. Basically the Manual mode is an upper limit in gears that the truck will go into and it is adjusted by the + and - buttons. Many times it is used in conjunction with the tow haul mode to limit the truck from going into upper gears when you as the driver know it won't be able to hold it very long anyway. That way it prevents the constant shifting that can occur when traveling with heavy loads.

I hope this helps.


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I have regularly jumped from drive to manual and back. Whenever I have dropped from drive to manual, it generally puts the manual top gear selection at 4, 5, or 6 depending on the speed I was running. In most cases, even if I was in, say, 4th, and dropped to manual, it would most likely show M5 as the top selection on the display. Always seems to show a top selection higher than the gear I am in, up to M6 of course. Either way, it will never go to a manual mode gear lower than the one you are already in. And you can still drop or raise it as you see fit.


Overall, I probably spend more time in manual mode anyway. I rarely use drive. Just the old trucker in me that likes having a little control even over an automatic trans. This trans is similar to me of automated shift manual trans in commercial trucks. I can have more control over the gear selection than just the old 4 speed autos. The 6 speed with manual mode was a major selling point for me to buy. Just wish they would quickly get to 8 or 10 speeds in the near future. Now we would have a killer deal.

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Stopped Display show 1 in Manual. Will Not go into higher Gear at all unless + is pushed. Stays in 1st Gear .

From Drive at any speed and put into Manual it Will show what gear your in at any speed. example 3rd. Will not Go higher than 3rd.

As long as you are driving in 3rd it will only down shift as speed decreases, never going into 4th.


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Scooby, you are likely correct. That is how it was explained to me by the dealer when I bought the truck. But, I really haven't played with it all that much. Most I did was put it in M while towing and then hit the - button to hold it to 5 and below. I never really played with it set to the lower gears.

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