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WTB +14 crew cab factory side steps chrome


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I know you said "local" and I'm in Central IL, but I just purchased some new black running boards and I will be removing my factory 6" rectangular chrome boards off my 2015 Sierra SLT All-Terrain with Crew Cab Plus Package in the next few days. I have 1500 miles on my truck, and the steps look to be in excellent condition. I have no idea about shipping, but they're pretty heavy so I'm sure shipping won't be really cheap. Interested?

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Yeah depends on shipping cost and how much you are asking for them.

Hey Cheeze, I just removed the boards and cleaned them up. A few small scuffs on the black rubbery plastic steps but the chrome looks excellent. I have the box my new boards came in that I can pack everything in for you. I picked a zip code in Dallas for shipping estimate, which was $170. So, the $275 I'm asking plus $170 for shipping to you is $445. The shipping charge is a killer.


The box is 88" long, 16" wide and 8" high and weighs 61lbs.


Let me know.



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