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Power lift gate issue



Purchased a used 2014 Suburban from a dealer. The first week we had it the power lift gate stopped functioning. It seemed to happen intermittently. It would start working again randomly. It would also not open manually. Had it in to the local chevy dealer who replaced the rear lift gate latch because of an internal short. They were able to see on the vehicles records that it had been replaced recently by the previous owner. 2 days later it is not functioning again. Any suggestions?

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The truck is a 2014 and on its second owner? I would look more into the history of the truck. The original owner had the same issue you are having, and it appears the first owner did not get it fixed either. Wonder how many trips are recorded for that truck going into service for this.

Something does not sound right to me. May be completely off base, but, I have had a similar experience with a microwave I bought from a name brand store.

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