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2001 Suburban new AC compressor turn on rear AC fan and compressor tur

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I replaced the compressor, drier, condenser and orifice tube. Vacuumed down and it held overnight. Added refrigerant and the compressor kicked on and started blowing cold air. Added 49oz by scale (called for 48oz), everything seemed to be going well. Turned on the rear AC fan and the compressor immediately shut off. I turned the rear fan off, turned the whole system off, and turned the engine off. None of these got the compressor to turn back on and cool the front again. At this point the gauges are showing equalized pressure.

Is there something in the rear system that also needs to be changed during this process? Did I just kill a new compressor? I hope there is something minor to fix this. I'm pretty dejected right now because it was going so well.

I did all of this work because the original compressor died with a squeal and then warm air. There was no metal on the orifice tube. I flushed all of the front lines but did not flush the lines to the rear.

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