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2 month ownership report....6.2L 8 speed


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Time flies....been 2 months already

Truck has been pretty good,I've pulled either the trailer or boat with it more than empty but finally got a 700km round trip in yesterday to see what mpg I'd get.

700kms at 120km/hr in rainy windy conditions netted me 11.5L/100km

That is over 20mpg US gal.

Over 24mpg Imp gal.

I'm actually pleasantly surprised with it.

Towing ability is awesome but still not a relaxing thing like the Ecoboost(it just doesn't rev and make the noise)

Mechanical rear locker works great....no button pushing like the F150.

8 speed needs a little love....a tune will go in someday....

An exhaust was needed.....jeeze people complained about the Ecoboost being quiet....even with the 6.2L there was no exhaust noise....just engine and tranny clatter.

Interior wise it's ok....nav system can't understand me 3/4s of the time(Shocking :) )

HVAC system is odd....I gotta read more on auto function but an 8c day here the ac shouldn't be on,some other weird s...t.

Few rattles here and there....can't really place where

Find interior storage areas in doors while plentiful to be smaller than previous F150 and not as useful.

Sound system is better than the F150 system I had (and I had the upgraded system).

Truck definitely not as firm in the back as previous F150....put Timbrens on to help out(cheap and easy)

Stock tires are probably some of the better ones I've owned(stock)...an actual m+s rated tire....haven't had them in mud yet tho and snow is just around the corner but in soft sand and dirt and gravel/mud they've been good.

So what do I really think of it?

It is pretty much what I expected.....

A very different driving experience the my 11 Ecoboost.

Which is what I was after,even tho I really liked the Ecoboost.

Perfect....not even close.....especially the 8 speed tranny.

But still very good and just like every other truck I've owned one that I will tweak .





Not saying better....especially in the

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Glad you're liking yours. I would love to have a 6.2.


The auto HVAC will always show that the AC is on even if it isn't is my understanding. It keeps the condenser on all the time.


Rattles have been driving me insane too, I've pin pointed most and found ways to reduce them.


Also if you have stock Goodyear's they're far from a good tire, in fact they are the cheapest tire you can get before going to an off brand, you would be pleasantly surprised with some better tires

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I've had much worse stock tires than these Goodyear Eagle LS2's.....and I am not a Goodyear fan

The Pirelli Scorpions that came on the F150 FX4 were complete junk.

I'll be keeping these on for at least this winter and next summer....unless they suck badly on ice.

They are fairly soft and have ample siping tho.

We will see.

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