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USB drive isnt being recognized by the radio

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Ive had the truck now for about 2 or 3 weeks. This past weekend I located my usb thumb drive I had in my last truck with couple hundred songs loaded on it. I plugged it into the USB port in the center console, nothing, so I connected to the usb in the glove box and nothing.


My truck is 2015 Silverado LT with the 4"(NON Touchscreen) my link system. Even after driving for a while and trying to access it, nothing shows up.


Am I missing a step? in the manual, it shows the steps, but following them doesn't seem to work.


I am planning on doing the upgrade to the 8" touchscreen to get the Nav and backup camera at a later time. But for now, just looking to enjoy my music.



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yea I tested everything out and still unclear why my 16gb drive wont work, but I found another drive and formatted and loaded some music, just to make sure that the feature was working and it does, now just need to find out why the other one doesn't work..


Other than being Fat32, it doesn't matter how you load the files on the drive correct? I mean I don't have to have them all in the root of the drive? Cause in my last truck I was able to load the drive with all my music in their own folders so I could manage it easier when connected to my pc.

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