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Access Vanish tonneau installed



Helped my buddy install his new tonneau on his 2016 colorado. I gotta say, this thing is legit. Ive got a tonnopro lo-roll on my silverado, which i love, but this one is much nicer. I was going to buy this one for mine originally, but the best price i could find was almost $400 and my tonnopro was $250. He found this Access vanish for $259 (i believe) on sale.

Its super low-profile, installation was a breeze, and rolls up out of the way nicely.

Anyways, i just havent seen much love for the Colorado forum accessories section (vs the silverado forums) so i figured id post up some pics!






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Looks good there one of my favorite covers got one on my 15.

Yea, i really liked mine until i seen this one lol. I just wished i couldve found the same deal. Oh well. Mine is as low profile, and does the job, but if i had it to do over, i mightve forked out the extra $

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