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Still on the fence about XM?


Currently Pioneer and XM have rebates going. Pioneer will give you $100 back on the purchase of the GEX XM903FM and XM will give you $30 - so that covers the antenna.


Here's the details. You MUST get your unit from somewhere other than BB, CC, Crutchfield and Wal Mart - I went to Sears. $99 and you MUST get it by 5/31 (for the $100 rebate).


The pioneer rebate form is here, and the XM rebate is at http://www.rebateshq.com Look for 'XMRadio'.


The neato thing is that only the $30 rebate requires the UPC from the box so you can get both rebates. I figured the $10/month subscription was nothing when I got the equipment for free!


This is what it looks like in the dash of my Burb...


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Good info, thanks.


Looks like it fits in the cubby hole pretty good.  Where did you mount the tuner?  (is that the correct name for it?)  Do you have any more pics?

Sure do...


Antenna on the roof.



Tuner under the 2nd row captains chair - drivers side along with my DVD player.


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Oh, i thought you meant get the subscription for FREE, which i already do :confused::cheers:

what exactly do you mean by that?

XM can be hacked if you have the time and the inclination. Not saying that is how DiHappy gets his but it can be done on some units. As with anything, look through Google Groups.

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