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Cheap DIY keyless start?



Okay here is the situation... I would like to have a key cut, that is just cut, not programmed and leave it in the ignition as a 'switch' if you will to start the truck I would fab up some kind of knob like this: Knob-Start_Conv.jpg


So it doesn't look like I left my keys in the truck, then just keep my fob and standard key on my person the whole time but, I dunno how the whole transponder deal works, how close it needs to be to the ignition to work etc...  This company https://advancedkeys.com/Prod_AK105S.html 

sells a kit for $300 that also gets you passive entry which I don't really need or want all that badly, I just don't like having to take the key in and out all day but mostly the remote taps me on the knee a little more than I'd like it to hanging off the ignition... Anyone have thoughts?

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If you have factory remote start, you won't be able to remote start it anymore because there would be a key always in the ignition. 


You need a transponder key otherwise you will get blocked out upon starting.  Service theft, etc. 


I don't see what's so hard about using the key it came with.  Its not a big deal, seems most just make it a big deal.  Cars have used ignition keys for many a years now, and it never was a problem. 

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Good point on the remote start. I have no issue with using a key per-say but, due to having short arms and long legs my knee bumps the remote with the keys in the ignition if I move my seat close enough for my arms to be close enough to the steering wheel and radio. comfortably.

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