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Horn & high beam won’t work


Hi there I have 2015 1500 Silverado before taking it to do my inspections I noticed my horn and high beams won’t working. I checked my fuses and they are ok could it be my bcm module? Help please.. thanks

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Have you checked both fuse locations? How far out of warranty are you? 


Have you checked the bulbs for the high beams?  Is there any sign of moisture getting into the high beam housing? Have you check for power and proper ground on both high beams? 


Have you checked for power at the horn?  Horns used to have a relay and that relay used the horn "button" to ground the relay.  A common problem was the contact between steering column and the steering wheel ring.  Not sure if that system is still done the same way. 


Both horn and highbeams are controlled within the steering column, chances are the solution will be located in the steering column switches and wiring area. 

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