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Excessive oil through pcv valve problem low pressure problem

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I have and issue I cant figure out. I did a afm delete.

 Now the engine idles fine and runs smooth problem is the oil pressure drops way to low, idk what I could have done wrong it wasnt like this before, oil pressure was fine.


Also the truck started smoking at startup alot of blue smoke like oil not coolent.. 

Did compression test rings are fine and did the valve seals I finally found that the pcv hose was covered in oil replaced the pcv valve cover and added an oil catch can. I went to drive it about 30 mins no smoke but the can was full of oil about 7oz of it  I cant figure out as to why it's doing this 


I used the correct valley cover with seals used new cam thrust plate new oil sending unit removed screen and replaced pressure relief valve and oring

Am I missing something?

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Did you tap the plug the holes for the AFM/DoD?

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If you mean the 4 oil towers under the valley cover? yes all blocked off


But even then I would think that would only contribute to low oil pressure,

Thing is I'm getting alot of oil threw the pcv hose like straw straight into the intake and threw the cylinders 

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