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Pioneer double din 04 sierra Help

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04 Sierra SLE 2wd (no Bose, no steering wheel buttons)

Just got a Pioneer double din unit. I also got a backup cam to go with it. I have wired single din several times but this is my first double. 

For the new wiring harness,

where do I run the Parking brake wire?

where do i run the reverse wire? 




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First, I would suggest getting a wiring harness adapter, that just plugs into the existing plug in the truck, and can provide you with

-parking brake signal

-reverse signal

-enough power for the radio that you don't need a separate relay

-support for RAP

-all the audio wires


 Makes the install much cleaner and faster than hacking up the wiring harness.


I used the PAC-Audio RP3-GM11 when I installed a Pioneer AVH4000NEX in my truck with a backup camera, and swapped it over to my new Alpine ILX-W650 when the Pioneer crapped out earlier this year.


If you really want to hack up the harness, you can probably find the info you need at gmupfitter.com.


And if your pioneer unit is a multimedia/AA/Carplay style unit, note that Pioneer does 7 seconds of stupid every time the radio powers up, where it shows a warning dialog every time.  I do a lot of short trips every day with my truck, so it really annoyed me (I initially got another Pioneer when the old one failed), so I returned it and got the Alpine (which I think showed me a warning dialog the first time it was powered up, and hasn't shown another one since then).

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Thanks for the response. That RP3-GM11 is a nice unit. I was thinking since i didnt have onstar, steering controls, bose or anything else "extra" that the RP3 wouldn't be necessary. If my head unit will work without the added module I would like to go that route.


For my Parking brake signal I think I can tap into the light blue wire behind the e brake.


And for the reverse signal I think there is a light green wire behind the main junction block (or near vicinity) that should show +12 power with vehicle in Reverse gear. 

Then for the reverse camera I can use the reverse lamp wire (center pin?) on my 7 pin connector at rear of vehicle . 

Could someone confirm this is correct or incorrect? 


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Davester, could you clear something up for me. Is the harness adapter a necessity? 

Seems to me that its only required for guys who want to keep their bose, onstar, steering wheel controls, etc. 

I thought I can use the provided harness just as I would for a single din install, only with the addition of parking brake and reverse signal. Correct me if I am wrong. I checked out that website you suggested but couldnt find anything to help me out. 

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No, it just makes the install a lot easier, and to get support for RAP, backup and reverse signals, and enough power for the radio.


that site has the wiring diagrams for your truck, so you should be able to find the wires you need to cut into to get those other signals.

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