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Need advice on a 2015 Colorado..



I need to buy a newer mid sized truck, I've been looking at a 2015 Colorado V6 with 90,000 miles on it. I'm retired and don't do much driving, bought a 2001 Chevy short bed 12 years ago with 74,000 miles and it just hit 150,000 this year. My concern is all I hear are horror stories on these Colorado 6 speed transmissions, I don't really want to dump a ton of money into a newer truck having to bring it into the shop all the time for tranny problems, seeing the truck also has a lot of miles on it the transmission may even have more problems. Looking for a little advice on this truck and 6 speed transmission, if it's going to be costly to own one I'll look for a different model truck instead.  

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Most of the "horror" stories you've heard are about the newer 8 speed (which were mostly fixed with a new fluid). The 6 speed only needed a TSB to reprogram the shift points (I think). I own a newer one, so I've got the 8 speed and don't remember the exact TSB details but everyone here who had it seemed to be very pleased afterwards. No problems with the 6 speed to speak of. I'm sure the guys with the 6 speed will give you a better idea.


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