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Soler Performance Throttle Bodies and Throttle Controller for Colorado/Canyon



Did a few install videos for these Soler Engineering products for 2015+ Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyons. Wanted to post them here for visibility.


I installed both of these on my 2019 GMC Canyon 3.6L and it really woke up the truck. Became a lot of fun to drive.


Throttle Controller


Throttle Body


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So it`s May now and I have a few questions.

1. Do you still have both the throttle body upgrade and pedal modification installed.

2. Do the modifications void factory warranty.

3. Did you see improvements in performance that would justify the upgrades.

4. What effects did you have on overall fuel economy

Looks like a good upgrade, but I do have these questions. Time always gives best results so curious if you still use and like upgrades. Also have you upgraded the exhaust as well and possibly added a CAI intake.


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I installed the Soler TB 2 weeks ago.  My android "Drag Racer" program shows a minor decrease in 60ft and 1/8 mile times, but could be atmospherics.

What I really am impressed with is the drivability in the 0-50% throttle area. I had a occasional hesitation when doing a rolling stop, just for a split second.  That is gone.  It's playing well with the Trifecta tune, 4.10's and 33" tires.  I also have CAI intake and Magnaflow Overland cat back.  Fuel mileage is unchanged, my mpg is solely dependent on my right foot.  I can get 12-17mpg in town depending on how I drive.


Only you can decide if the improved drivability is worth the $275.

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