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GMC Emblem Mods (Front and Rear badge)

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to get rid of the chrome outline around my GMC emblems. I currently have the black and chrome emblems and was hoping I could get that chrome surround changed to red. I stopped into a place that does vinyl wraps in my area (Philadelphia, PA) and I was told a couple things.


1.) Vinyl wrap will not adhere to chrome because there isn't enough flat surface area. He could not guarantee that it wouldn't fail.


2.) When I asked about painting them, he mentioned that because of the plating process to produce these emblems that autopaint will not bond properly with them? I've seen plenty of Youtube videos of people sanding and painting these things. I know there is a way to separate the GMC text from the chrome outline to make the painting process easier too and re-glue them back together. Wondering if anyone has any experience. I suppose plastidip is also an option but I was looking for a more permanent solution.

Appreciate any insight you may have!

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