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Difference between BOSE and GMC HD Radio systems

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Here is what I see for the HD system from GMC 

6-speaker audio system
  • Speakers are positioned throughout the cabin for outstanding sound quality and an enjoyable listening experience
8" diagonal Premium GMC Infotainment System
  • Multi-touch display and AM/FM/SiriusXM1(trial subscription), stereo
  • HD Radio capability
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Bose is Bose so you get the Bose speakers and the sub/amp.


HD radio is just a radio feature that allows for extra FM stations.  So for example in my listening area we have a station on 95.1 FM.  If you have an HD radio receiver you can pick up 95.1-2 or 95.1-3 which are secondary stations to 95.1 that offer extra content other than the regular station and better sound.  


HD radio has nothing to do with the speakers.  Speakers are non Bose or Bose.  

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