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2011 silverado rack and pinion

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I recently bought a 2011 silverado work truck 4.3 runs fine and drives fine but noticed that the rack and pinion has a leak about a pint in 1200 miles. seems to be leaking near the center where the gear is and the lines connect for the high  pressure hose is also get a poping noise from time to time toped it off and wiped down dont see any fluid as yet. this steering gear was replaced 9/20 according to carfax.  going to keep an eye on it but if it does need another rack and pinion any ideas as one that will be good as i hear stories where these things fail all the time. what is going on with these manufacturers. I had a 1995 sierra that lasted me 8 years and almost wish i had kept it had 220,000 miles with the 4.3 and seen it for sale with 265,000 still running never hardly had any trouble with that truck. anyways any suggestions on the rack and pinion thanks in advance.

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You'd be surprised with the amount of folks that don't replace hydraulic hoses when replacing a hydraulic component. The prev. owner might have replaced the rack and pinion and left the hoses for the next person... I'd wipe it back down, start it up and get some one to turn the wheel back and forth while I watched the hose connections. My bet is you got a leaky hose.

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