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I made the mistake of making an appointment for an oil change at the dealer this morning for 10:30 am to get the factory fill oil changed out on my wife's 2024 Blazer at about 1800 miles. At noon there were still 2 cars ahead of me. I did notice in that time only one customer in the waiting room had their car ready for them. Since my wife is diabetic and was getting hangry, I picked up my key fob and left without getting the oil change. Turns out that the dealer had 3 people in the service department call off work today, then the well duh moment hit me. Oil change jockeys are typically young and single and apparently so PW that they let their girlfriends convince them that Valentine's Day should be a national holiday akin to the Fourth of July and that they needed to take the whole day off and devote it to their sweetie, so much for work ethic. Lesson learned, never again will I make an appointment at the dealer for service work on Valentine's Day. The fault really laid with the service advisors that should have forewarned customers of the situation and given them the option of either pretty much waiting all day or re-scheduling.

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