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Which Pickup Truck Offers Most Comfortable Seats? (Leather Only)

Which Pickup Truck Offers Most Comfortable Seats?  

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On 3/1/2024 at 6:56 PM, Jus Cruisin said:

You had to pay $500 for stuff that was standard and was deleted? Have you actually been in a 2023 Ultimate? My 2016 F150 King Ranch had all that ambiant stuff and you could pick colors. My 2021 F150 Platinum had ambiant - one color no options. 2023's built without heated steering wheel, no lighted numbers on auto climate control knobs, no massaging seats. There are other things, just going from memory from the bellyaching on 14th gen and f150forum. I had numerous issues with my 2021 F150 Platinum 4X4 Powerboost that the dealers couldn't figure out how to fix and I tried to go with a 2023 F150 King Ranch 3.5l Ecoboost and I wouldn't accept a deleted truck. Bought the GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate and couldn't be happier. Better interior than the Platinum. Better infotainment system. Better hands-free driving - Supercruise vs BlueCruise. And both my King Ranch and Platinum had the pano roof. Both rattled ( unfixable) and both smoking hot in the Florida summers that required the shade to be closed all the time. 

I paid ~$300 for the SCCM and HVAC unit to enable the heated steering wheel, the wheel itself already came with the element.  Ridiculous parts shortages but I could order the parts to my door within 3 days.  Ambient lighting came in the truck, one color, but they removed the few areas mentioned over the years and I added them all back in, simple as plugging them in.  I have been in 3 Ultimate's which is why I ordered the Raptor.  My 2020 had the "ultimate package" before the refresh happened, the new interior is way nicer obviously.  I just think the lack of luxury features compared to other brands doesn't describe a truck as Ultimate.  I hate Ram's but their interior is super nice with a ton of features.  When it comes to comfortable seats, Ram crushes GM but I wont ever own one.  

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GM seats are by a far margin the worst out of Ford and Dodge, heck all you need to do is look at the seat cushion and how the entire seat base is only like 10" thick. I remember my 05 silverado and the lazy boy recliner seats the gmt-800's had in comparison to the yugo seats these trucks now come with, it is sad....

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