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prestone antifreeze

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Hey all you prestone antifreeze users out there, explain this one. Prestone has a new type of antifreeze which is made for all makes/models, and it can be used with any color antifreeze. Here's a quote from the website:


"The New Prestone concentrated formula also offers up to five years or 150,000 mile protection when added to any extended life antifreeze coolant or when your vehicle is flushed and filled with New Prestone Antifreeze according to directions on the package."



My question is this: How can this last for 5 years/150,000 when it's not dex-cool? So, you're telling me that if I flush my dex-cool out and replace it with this prestone green stuff it will last as long as dex-cool? What confuses me more is that prestone also makes a dedicated antifreeze for dex-cool. Why make a dedicated dex-cool antifreeze when this other formula will last just as long?


Go to prestone.com and look under their antifreeze products.

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I haven't gone to the URL, yet, but here's just some speculative thoughts. Antifreeze has to work in a very hostile environment dealing with the potential of hydrolysis due to impure water (salts) and varying metals, not to mention the heat. At the same time, the EPA has mandated that antifreezes to be formulated in such a way that they will no longer be toxic (the old green stuff).


I'm sure that there is a constant evolution of antifreeze formulation to not only fulfill the EPA requirements, but obviously, do the antifreeze thang so that it doesn't react adversely to hydrolysis and predictable contamination because of dumb-joe-end-drivers who use yucky water and lord-knows-what to top off low coolant levels.


Personally, I wouldn't be surprised that Prestone, or another manufacturer comes up with the solution for the "holy grail" in finding the antifreeze that simply does its job without reacting to these adverse conditions. If true, then this new 5 year antifreeze would possibly supplement or replace the Dex-Cool.


Howzzat for just speculation???

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If that blows your mind take a look at this; coolant :chevy:




Looks really top-knotch. Can't find it at my local Wal-Mart, NAPA, AutoZone.





That's the beauty of it. You either call in or order over the net and within a day or two it is sitting on your doorstep. You never even have to leave your house if you don't want to. :seeya: If you do order, use the # 1198960

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