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roof rack fights parking garage

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well folks, my roof rack had a run in with a parking garage and my roof rack lost.


who has good prices on parts and wont kill me on shipping







Cant help on a place to get a new one, but this reminded me of the same thing happening to me two weeks after getting my last vehicle 2002 Tahoe. In Greencastle IN there is a two bay laser wash. Each time I headed down to visit my GF, we would stop there to wash our Tahoe.


The third time the right bay was being used, so I used the left bay.... took the left side of the rack off and I could not get out.


She called the emergency number, guy came out and said, 'Cant ya read??? You are too tall'? I argued and argued. My GF ended up calling the local police. Explained to the officer I always get through the right bay.


Finally got out the bay (The sprayer stopped in frt of the vehicle so I could not leave) and had to show the car wash guy I could get through the other side. Got in there, cops are measuring each side and yep sure enough, I fit in the right bay.


After that, cops were measuring the other bay, and the left side of the left bay clearance was over 5 inches less than the right side.


My ins covered it and the next trip down I made to visit my GF, the car wash had the warning bars hanging over each bay.


They took down the sign stating it was 7ft limit which I knew I could make.


Never used that wash again. Go figure


But I do know how ya feel. :D

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