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can you play DVD on a GM 05 NAV system?

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:rolleyes: please help





Here is what another member wrote:


"The nav unit will not display video as it is now, but a video input interace is available to enable it to do that. the interface will only add video to the screen and not audio. The interface requires you to take the nav unit's cover off and remove a ribbon cable and install a new cable that connects to the video input adapter and a dash mounted switch (the switch allows you to select input video or the normal display from the nav unit)

The video interface: http://www.carmobileaudio.com/product/PACVCI

You would then need another input adapter for the audio on your DVD player (you won't need anything if your just using it for a backup cam)

If you are going to use both (backup cam and DVD) then you will also need a video selector switch installed so you can select between the camara and the DVD player.

Everything you want to do is possible but it won't be cheap, the video input adapter alone is over $350."


Credit goes to BBSilverado for this quote.

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