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SBBC brake upgrades for 3/4 ton trucks!

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TBYRNE Motorsports is now carrying the full line of SBBC brakes. This includes their new rotors and 3 piston calipers for the 3/4 ton trucks. There haven't been many brake options available for these trucks until now. I'll be installing a set with red powdercoated calipers and rotors that are turbo slotted/plated soon. These will come in handy with the upgraded wheels and while towing. Can never have to much stopping power!






A 3-piston caliper with either 38mm, 45mm or 51mm stainless steel pistons (size depends on application):


Tri-Power with 38mm or 45mm pistons for most car and light duty truck applications

Tri-Power HD with 51mm pistons for 3/4 and 1 ton truck/SUV applications

Constructed of aircraft quality aluminum

Lightweight aluminum reduces “unsprung weight” for better ride quality

Corrosion-free stainless steel pistons minimize heat transfer to the brake fluid for optimum performance

Comes standard with a clear anodized finish; optional powder-coating or polishing available

DOT design with dust seals

Available in Quick Change Aluminum Caliper Replacement Kits for a variety of vehicles


These calipers can be used with the stock rotors or you can upgrade. The picture above shows the optional red and black calipers along with the stock sized rotors and optional 14" rotors. The 14s should be available in May. They will only fit behind wheels that are 18" and larger. All rotors are available with Turbo slotting or with turbo slotting and Xtra life plating.


Turbo Slotted

All kits that include standard finish rotors can be upgraded to include Turbo slotted rotors. Turbo slotted rotors are milled with CNC machine precision. The slots, like the venting, help cool the rotors. When the brakes are applied, heat and gas are generated between the pads and rotors. As the rotors get hotter, this gas can actually push the pads away from the rotors, which results in brake fade. The slots provide a space for this heat and gas to escape, thus improving braking performance. The slots also clean the pads, removing any debris that might have accumulated. This too helps your braking performance. SSBC Turbo slots both sides of the rotors.


Xtra Life Plating

If you upgrade to the Turbo slotting, you can then also add Xtra Life plating. In this process SSBC adds protective finish layers to the entire surface of the rotor. This will help prevent the areas where the pads do not come into contact with the rotor from rust and corrosion, all while maintaining that “new” look.


More info and pricing can be seen in the 8.1/Duramax Brake section of our website. We are offering free shipping for all SSBC orders that are placed by Friday, April 1st (48 states only). 1/2 ton brake packages will be listed on our website by Monday.




ORDER LINE - 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-508-636-0770 in MA)

E-MAIL - [email protected]



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