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Flexin the 03


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Went to the water hole to find some place to flex. Took A few pics. A guy in a 02 2500 rclb stopped by while I was posing. He was kinda laughin. Even sittin there flexed he was wondering if I used it :charge: He drove off and I finished up. While coming out I kinda met up with him. He acted like I wasn't going fast enough so I just let him go first. I decided to keep up with him. He was bouncing his front wheels off the ground hittin the whoops kinda fast. I just cruised over them. I could not belive how much his was bouncing because mine was stable. Another satisfied customer.












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Markintulsa, Didn't see any bikini girls on my side o town or they may have been washin it. I would have had to go back for a lawn chair and tasty beverage to watch the cleanin.



Bgdsub I run pro comp 's 6" lift. got their dual shock set-up. The shocks are Pro Comps new "cheap" reservoir. I am very happy with the performance. Work great. Seem to be valved good. Quality control is a bit lax. The rezzy hose fittings are within 1/2" of each other on the shock bodies. Look good off, great on.

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