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Oil Changed/Washed Truck


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Hey all,


I changed the oil in my truck for the first time since I got it. I went with Mobil 1 and

AC Delco oil filter. I missjudged the stream of oil and it missed the oil pan...LOL...big mess to clean up.


Aftewards, I gave Rosalita a bath. I've named all my vehicles.

Here are some updated pics after her bath:








I've been having problems with my Digital Camera, it's been giving me unfocused pics

alot lately, and these were the best out of 10+ shots in 4 different time frames. GRRR!

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Sunday was oil change and bath for my truck also. Mobil 1 and AC-Delco filter here also. Sorry, no pics after the bath, but I DO have an oil change suggestion. I picked up a Fumoto Valve (www.fumotovalve.com) and installed it last time I changed the oil. This time was a BREEZE, held the pan up to the drain, one finger flip of a lever and it was perfect aim.


My bro. clued me into this product, but I'll have to say it was probably the best $35 I've spent on the truck. It takes a little longer to drain the 5 Qts. (4.3 will take 1/2 qt. over so I dump the full 5 in), but the wait is worth it to eliminate the cleanup.

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