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I would like a drop on my 2004 GMC Sierra Standard Cab. I have 20 Inch Rims with 305/50/20 Falkens. I want to get it dropped, don't know what kit to buy. I want to go as low as possible without doing a C-notch or bags. Any suggestions?




The rim is an 8.5 width. Don't want to rub or do fender work.

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Well, it will be extremely helpful to find out what size rubber will work. From what I'm reading, no one has this size of rubber. Once I find out I'll know if I need buy new rubber or not. thru reading forums here and at ls1tech.com and silverdoss.com I've determined that the 2/4 drop from mcgaughys may be my best option.

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Well, since I like talking to myself so much.. I looked at picture after picture after picture of a dropped truck and I don't really think the 2/4 is enough. I really like the way the 4/6 and such looks. I guess going that low I'll have to do some major changes. I really love the way they look like that though. And I looked at my Falken tires and they're actually 295/50/20's... I'm glad no one answered yet. Out of all the trucks I've seen, the guy named droppedgmc that posts on this forum has the exact look I'd like to achieve. So if no one answers this I'll just send him an email and maybe he can be helpful. Always a pleasure talking to myself...

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DO NOT USE BELLTECH SPINDLES!!! I made the mistake of using those on my other truck and lost my ability to make sharp turns. There were some drive-thrus that I had to back up and reposition my truck to make it through. Also if you were making a turn and hit a bump, there was a hellacious screeching noise that turned out to be the brake caliper rubbing on the upper control arm.


I also had the 2" drop coils before that. That was fine, but there wasn't enough alignment adjustment, so my front tires wore on the outside edge. That was why I spent the bucks and went with the Bell Techs - wrong move.


The way to go from what I've heard is the dropped A-arms. I haven't done those, but I haven't heard anything bad.


Good Luck


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I have the Hotchkis 2/4 kit on my truck with the Edelbrock drop shocks all the way around and it handles and drives great. I bought a 2004 Joe Gibbs Silverado with a 5.3 supercharged motor and used the same kit, I ran into a problem with the JG truck in that it has a tonneau on the rear and it actuallly dropped the rear to 7' instead of 6 so it looks as if the front is not lowered. I also purchased the MCgaughy's front spindle to install. I currently have a brand new set of Chassis Tech drop spindles and ball joints I want to sell. I did not want to have to change the lower ball joint so I went with the McGaugh'ys kit.


Very happy with the outcome. I am running a 275x40x20 on both trucks.

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