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What's the best tire pressure?

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So what's the best tire pressure?

I have the Michelin LTX and has a max psi of 65

On my trucks door label it says 35 psi.


Should I go towards the tire psi or stay at the GM label psi?



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It depends ...


Do you tow?


Are you looking for mileage or comfort?


You should ALWAYS start with what the vehicle manufacturer recommends for a tire pressure, then adjust up or down from there. Never exceed what's on the tire. That tire fits many vehicles and the psi on the tire is the maximum safety rating so don't start from there.


Driving an empty truck on max. psi (as listed on the tire) will make it drive like crap (like solid rubber tires) but you mileage may go up a little.



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did the truck come with P rated tires? If so, you may want to add 10-15psi on the Michelin LT tires



I run right about 50 psi on my 285/75/16 Mastercraft Courser A/T and it seems to be just fine, maybe a bit rough, but I like the firmer feel and better handling

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This chart could have the definitive answer, depending on your tire size. By the way, what is your tire size and load range?


Michelin's Load/Inflation Tables for Truck Tires


You'll need to go to a scale (truck stop, grain elevator, etc.) to find out how much weight you have on each axle on your truck. Then consider what additional loads you will be carrying, and add them. Then consult the chart.


Note that the loads they list in their charts are "axle loads", not tire loads. With 2 tires on each axle, the math is pretty simple.

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