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need the good and bad on a 77' GMC Sierra Stepside

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Well, what specifically do you want to know about it? You didn't give much info on the truck other than the year....What are you going to do with it? Mud Bog? Street Rod? Resto? The engines and transmissions/drivelines in a 77 are usually good stuff. They are easy to work on for the most part and parts are very plentiful (and cheap comparitively).....The only cautionary thing about these trucks is watch out for body rot, especially in the rocker panels, cab corners and body (cab) mounts. That is hard to fix up and usually expensive. Also, the only other weak point on them is look for frame cracks by the steering box, especially on a truck that is lifted. That is actually a fairly common problem on these model trucks....If you are looking for something more specific about a 77' please give more info on the truck....

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