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Line-in options for this particular H/U?

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I want to set up a line-in (for an MP3 player) on this headunit:






But, as you can see, there appears to be no place to put an adapter. The one long interface on the back of the unit plugs into a harness in the dash which is fixed in place (not hanging free like most I've seen).


The headunit fits in my wife's Olds Aurora '01.


I don't mind buying a new head-unit if necessary, if someone knows what my next step should be. I want to avoid getting an aftermarket headunit if I can, but I'd consider it if it were my only option. I would really like to retain my steering wheel controls if possible.


Thanks for any input.

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  Did your car have a cd changer or cd changer option?

I doubt there was sat radio for that year, but do you know when it was introduced





No changer. Don't know if the option was available. I also don't know when sat radio was introduced. This car doesn't have it, though. No OnStar or Bose, either.

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