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Brake Problems

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'01 Suburban K2500, 62K miles. Replaced rear discs and pads, fronts probably good for another 10K or so.


Brake job at buddy's shop produces burning smell from rear. Trip #2 to shop. Diagnosis is LR caliper sticking. Corrosion on exposed part of piston binding in the cylinder when caliper compressed to make room for new pad. Both calipers and hoses replaced.


Third trip back to buddy's shop for squeaking and scraping noises from the rear. Mis-adjusted e-brake shoes re-adjusted, new disc pads thrown in as extra noise insurance.


Current condition is that back wheels get VERY hot to the touch after local driving, fronts only get warm. Was always like this (even when new) when towing haavy trailer, but not just cruising empty. I'm thinking the F/R proportioning valve may be sending too much hydraulic pressure to the rear, even when there's no load? Must be a way to test that....


My goal is to keep this truck a total of 10 years, until 2011 when both kids are out of college. I ordered the 3,000 page Helms manual today...figured I better have access to good info since it seems like nobody can afford to spend time on diagnostics these days, whether buddy's independent shop or dealer.


Suggestions welcome. :seeya:



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