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Westers or Plug-&-Tune???

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I haven't been here for long but I have followed many posts for the last 2 months or so.


What are the advantages / disadvantages to the Westers tune vs. a plug-&-tune (super chips, Hypertech's power programer III, DiabloSport Predator).


Ok...first, is there a difference between the plug and play's?


Second, what does the the Westers do that the others don't?


Please feel free to go into as much detail as you can... :chevy: I have commitment-phobia. Especially when it comes to plugging something into my computer/engine.


Thanks in advance.

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Go to:




BTW love your avitar!    :chevy:





Thanks about the avitar...I got a kick out of it the first time I saw it...lol


I went to the web site you suggested. Yes they sell the predator...but...there is no explanation of what I originally posted.


There are posts out there that are like "mine is better than yours". What I'm looking for is I guess a techs point of view. Or someone that has used these things before.


I read the Hyperteck site last night. When you look at the spread on what RPM you make so much horsepower and torque...uh...10 horsepower isn't worth $400 - $500 to me. Is there a truly noticable seat of the pants difference?


With this being said, I don't want to "Cam" my engine. I don't know if going the header route is viable.


I guess I just want all of my questions answered and I don't know what all of my questions should be.


thanks for the replys guys...

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This probably won't help to answer all of your questions, but it probably will give you something else to think about.




After reading this, I ordered two. One for my 02 Seirra, the other for my 00 Monte SS. Talked to Jesse on the phone, very nice guy. Have not received the PCM's yet, should be here tomorrow or the next day. So I can't give you a report. But, there are plenty of resources to consider in this thread.


Good Luck!

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Hand Held Tunner is the same basic concept that GM puts into stock PCM's


What I mean is that the hand held tunners take a Broad range approach they have to tune it for the masses. A hand held tunner is limited in the amount of changes that can be done


The best Tune would be A dyno tune where your vehicle is set up to precise changes across a broad spectrum.


The second best tune is a Mail-order tune (westers, Nelson, PCM for less etc.) more fine tuned than a hand held with more perameters that can be changed.



A hand tunner is like using a shot gun to hunt and the pattern is wide spread

A mail order tune is like using a rifled slug keeping the patern with-in inches

A Dyno tune is using a high powered rilfle with a Scope to keep the pattern with-in Millimeters


The plus of a hand held is you can flash a few changes your self (tire size etc) and some of the hand helds have the ability to scan for problem codes.


You could spend more money and get A program like EFIlive that runs on a PC (notebook) and program your PCM yourself (lots to lurn going this route) OR there are some tunners that will sell you tunes and you use your PC to re-flash the PCM using programs like EFIlive. Some tuners will help you with advise and how to twwek your PCM using EFIlive, LSedit etc. (check out LS1Tech web site for this approach)


A tuned PCM is the best bang for the buck for performance improvements

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100R1, I like that comparison with guns.


Something we can all relate too :) !!!!!!!!!!!




Doug, that's pretty accurate stuff above. Handhelds are pretty generic. A dyno tune is best, provided it's a decent shop and the guy tuning you is experienced.


Mailorder is a close second. With mailorder, I think experience is key.






Of course..... that would be Lyndon Wester :chevy: !!!!!!!!

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Guest 007FL

hey 100R1, I love the shotgun-rifle analogy. And I think its quite accurate.


DougsTJ2 - I have a Hypertech and a Westers (obviously not both at once).


The Hypertech made a noticable SOTP difference (even though I've stated before I don't believe in SOTP improvements, dyno only). It is great for changing tire sizes. Its best feature is that you can remove the tune anyime you want, and put it back, and take it out....... It's biggest failure (in my opinion) is that most of the changes only occur at WOT (wide open throttle). Since I'm a lover not a racer I don't spend much time at WOT and that made the Hypertech pretty much useless to me.

Another minus (compared to other handhelds) is that there are no options other than what is provided with the tuner. Others offer (albeit for a price) more specific tuning optins that you can download into the tuner and then into your vehicle. In any case, with a handheld you are going to be more limited on the results.

My Westers tune is 1) more responsive at all throttle postions. 2) is WAY more effective at WOT, and 3) Free for life. All my new vehicles will get Westers for shippping only. Perhaps no cost since Westers can now be loaded with a laptop.

Other custom mailorder tunes are also very effective. Look for the other thread comparing them and you'll find many faithful owners.

Final point. Remember I said I'm a lover not a racer? I rarely get over 3K on the tach. I told Lyndon (Westers) that and my tune was specifically designed to take advantage of lower rpm torque. It works where I want it to. Handhelds have NO feature for that.



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