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Who has Stainless Works header on their 8.1

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How was the over all fit, do they drone badly, are you happy with them?


Manly I'm concern is the drone, it's bad enough as it is. That's why I'm putting a stock muffler and tail pipe back on it with electric cut outs. Now I have to decide if I want the 2" primary's or 1-7/8. Being this truck will get a big dose of nitrous the 2" will probably be needed. :chevy:


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That's the delimma, max speed or retain some comfort. With any header you're going to get more sound. The larger tubing will produce peak power on the gas which will be less than 1% of the time but make even more noise the other 99%. So do you want the fastest 8.1 HD in the land or to be able to drive it daily without excess noise. Either way it's going to be louder but your plan to use the stock muffler in the 99% mode might make the 2" tubes livable. Another point to consider is the smaller tubes will make torque at a lower RPM off the gas, so they would be more streetable and give better MPG.


Decide how many tenths it's worth and decide which is more important.



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